About me

I am a self taught back end developer based in Belgium with a passion for learning about the
latest technologies available. Over the past several years I have learnt a plethora of different
languages including Python, Elixir and PHP which is what I use most frequently on a daily basis.

I enjoy being able to create web solutions by problem solving and applying my knowledge to achieve
goals and I am constantly looking to apply myself in order to improve my skills through embarking
on various projects such as and my role as a community developer for the Ark Ecosystem
Blockchain project where I have created several libraries to interact with their public API.

Technology is a field that has always motivated me and seeing all the different innovations occurring
around the world in this sector inspires me to keep improving and constantly be the best version
of myself possible. If you are interested in getting in touch with me and seeing what I have taken part in,
then my contact details along with projects I have created can be found below.